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Reviews: Oriental Girls London

We always welcome  Reviews for our Oriental and Asian Escorts.  Our girls are really like to know that they are doing everything possible to make your experience a great one.


Please feel free to leave reviews when you see any of our Oriental Girls London.

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Date Escort Name No. Author name Level of service
2016-05-15Tina5T J10 out of 10
2016-02-12Holly1Cool10 out of 10
2016-04-10Lulu2Miko10 out of 10
2016-02-02Mandy3You J10 out of 10
2016-01-25Bobby1HJ10 out of 10
2016-01-18Tina4Ken10 out of 10
2016-01-12Sara2jacky10 out of 10
2016-01-02Mandy2Mc six10 out of 10
2015-11-28Lea1Goden10 out of 10
2015-11-05Nora1Kaka9 out of 10
2015-10-25Susan1Tuble9 out of 10
2015-10-15Tara1BoBo9 out of 10
2015-10-05Vicky2Jack10 out of 10
2015-09-08Vicky1Sam10 out of 10
2015-08-29Tina3Halolo10 out of 10
2015-08-28Lily1Kelly10 out of 10
2015-08-25Linda1Jay10 out of 10
2015-08-22Selena1Hardy10 out of 10
2015-08-20Sara1Magee10 out of 10
2015-08-14Julie1Ken9 out of 10
2015-08-05Penny1Daniel9 out of 10
2015-08-02Sky1Bard10 out of 10
2015-08-01Vita1Alison9 out of 10
2015-07-30Mandy1Klein10 out of 10
2015-07-28Lulu1Lanco10 out of 10
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