Mandy review 3

Author:You J
Escort name:Mandy
Date of Visit:2016/02/02
Time of Visit:10PM
Spent time:3hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:I was in London for an interview in November (been too busy to write this until now) and needed to de-stress afterwards. I'd been trying to pluck up enough courage for a long time, and this seemed like a great opportunity. I was certainly not disappointed. She was very sweet when she greeted me and made me feel comfortable. I undressed to my boxers and we stared kissing. She's so hot and soon had them off. We lay on the bed and she started sucking my cock. I think she knew I couldn't wait to have her in my mouth, so she turned around and we sucked and fingered each other for a while. She then laid me down and gave me an amazing rimming before penetrating me. It felt so good and she clearly enjoyed it too, banging me hard and kissing me. She came and then carried on fucking me so I could come while she was inside me. It was so horny. Afterwards she gave me a lovely massage and then we lay there for a while. We started kissing again and she played with me again until I came for a second time. I honestly can't stop thinking about her and am turned on again just writing this. I'll definitely see her again. Thanks Mandy, you're hot and so lovely with it!!!